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Our Mandates

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We prescribe to accomplish the mission as dictated by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself to:


  • Restore respect to the ministry by: Effectively training ministers, and making them accountable for their various lifestyle according to the scripture wherein they will represent both Jesus and the Church, and by producing Biblical character that is conducive to the ministry.

  • Restore respect to the Church by: Training our Christian members in the Holy scriptures that are able to make one wise, and by consistent Biblical teaching and counseling that holy character and love be perfected in their lives.


  • Teach the people to walk in holiness and righteousness according to Biblical standards by: Teaching and counseling at the highest standards available to us and by dedicating our lives to the development of the Church of Jesus Christ. 

  • Build an army of Apostolic Prayer Warriors by: Taking those who are prepared to be prayer warriors and training them in the newest methods of Biblical prayer that is based upon sound Biblical teachings. 

  • Launch an attack on satanic strongholds and the forces of hell by: Organizing prayer revivals, educational systems, and synchronized crusades, outreach, evangelism and spiritual hospitals.


  • Spread the message and Gospel of Jesus Christ to the World by: Publishing books and tapes as well as through the media in all ways that we can. 


  • Establish other churches throughout this nation and world. 

  • To promote unity in accordance to the Apostolic Doctrine which is the doctrine of Christ. 

  • To defend, research and promote the Holy Word of God namely the Bible by: Instructing believers everywhere in the scriptures in an academic manner stressing Biblical Literacy, personal devotion, fasting and prayer, continual research and examination of scriptures and doctrine for the purpose of declaring a greater truth of doctrinal issues as well as a greater understanding of these same doctrines, as well as the publication of the same research and doctrinal considerations. 

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