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New Here?

What can I expect when I come? 

When you arrive at E.T.A.C.H.C. you can expect to be greeted with love and fellowship from those who are part of the church family. Those who are part of E.T.A.C.H.C. have a desire to reveal the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and to reach those who do not know Christ with the same Gospel. This is a place where one can increase their faith and knowledge of God, while engaging with other believers.

Worship Experience

The worship services begin at 11:45am Sunday morning. The atmosphere of our service is one of worship with dynamic praise.  There is a pertinent message from God’s Word communicated, which incorporates a high level of teaching along with preaching that is charismatic and compelling.

The Way We Worship and Praise

There are various Old Testament and New Testament terms for worship and praise in the Bible.  True worship is where one interacts with the Lord through the spirit and becomes spiritually refreshed (John 4:24).  We worship God to learn the methodology of fellowship with God and to reveal to others the intimacy there is in having a real relationship with God (Psm 29:2, 95:6; 99:5; Rom 12:1; Heb 12:28; 1 Tim 2:8; 1 Pet 2:5-9; Rev 4:11).

Praise according to the Bible, indicates one surrendering themselves by the extending of the hands where they express thankfulness for received benefits. This was usually accompanied with loud commemoration by way of songs and celebration where a favorable atmosphere of praise was present.  Praise at times is joined by musical instruments, singing, and dancing. Praises and testimonies of God’s past and present feats were given through hymns, psalms and spiritual songs. (Psm 95:1-6,100:2-4, 117:1-2, Zeph 3:17; 150:1-6-127:6; Joh 4:23; Col 3:16, Eph 5:19; Heb 13:15).

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